How Long Do 9 Holes of Golf Take

by Bill Winters

One of the top concerns of every golf player is their pace when completing a round of golf. Beginners, mediocre, and expert players are all in the same boat here. It is important to keep your pace in check. Among many other factors, the time you take to complete a game tells a lot about your golf skills.

In this article, you will discover how long it should take to play 9 holes of golf. This will enable you to evaluate your performance in the game. Also, you will learn about all the elements that come into play to determine the amount of time it takes for a golf player to complete 9 holes of golf.

How long do 9 holes of golf take
How long do 9 holes of golf take

Without any further ado, let's get started!

How Long Does 9 Holes of Golf Take?

Part of being an expert player includes finishing off the game within the average time taken
Part of being an expert player includes finishing off the game within the average time taken

Why does timing matter? One may wonder. As long as you are following all the rules, and fulfilling the purpose of the game why does it matter how long it takes, right? Well, wrong! Time is the most important factor in any sport. Your perfect scores don't count if you are taking an eternity to finish a game.

Part of being an expert player includes finishing off the game within the average time taken. If you are unable to do that, it means you are not as skilled and you are less confident about your shots. You don't see international players taking an entire day to finish a course of golf, do you? And, even if they did consume that much time do you think people will be interested in spectating their game? Absolutely not!

This brings us back to the original question. How long 9 holes of golf is supposed to take? Well, it is simple math. According to the rules of golf, one hole in golf takes typically 15 minutes. So, if you are playing a round of 9 holes, it shouldn't take more than 2 hours and 15 minutes for you to complete the game.

In fact, if you consider yourself an advanced player, 9 holes of golf should only take 2 hours of your time. The timing of 2 hours and 15 minutes is calculated assuming the average time it takes to complete these holes, irrespective of the skills of a player. Therefore, if you have quite an experience in playing golf yet it takes you more than 2 hours to complete 9 holes, we have bad news for you. You should work on your game!

Whereas, if you are an amateur, there is nothing to worry about even if you require more than 2 hours and 15 minutes to complete a 9 hole round of golf. This is because it takes time for golfers to master their shots and build confidence in their judgment. Beginners may need more time to assess the conditions and play the shot accordingly.

But of course, the skill level of a player is not all that counts. Multiple other factors influence your pace of play. Although, a player's skills constitute a huge part of it. And so, let's talk about all of these factors in detail to give you a better insight!

Factors Affecting the Time Taken for 9 Holes of Golf:

While some of these factors may be in your control, most of them are not. Therefore, don't find yourself unnecessarily worrying about your pace of playing golf. First, learn about these factors and then look into the methods of improving them so you can find a way of consuming less time during a round of 9 holes of golf.

Following are all the elements that determine a golfer's pace of play. Check them out:

The Size of Your Golf Course

Of course, the area of the golf course you are playing in is directly related to the time it is going to take for you to complete a round of golf. This means, if the golf course spreads over a vast area, you are going to need more time.

If your golf course is small, it can even take you as less as 90 minutes to complete 9 holes of golf. However, if the golf course is larger than an average 9-hole golf course, you can expect to spend around 150 to 180 minutes on a single game.

Therefore, before judging your pace of play, find out the area that your golf course spreads over and compare it to the size of an average golf course.

Walking Distance

Golf is not just about hitting a ball towards the hole. Your clock starts ticking as soon as you step foot on the course. You are expected to cover the distance between the tees and greens within that duration as well.

Now you have two options to do so. You can either sit on a golf cart to speed up your journey or you can go on foot. And obviously, that affects your timing as well. Riding a golf cart will help you cover the distance quicker whereas walking all the way to the greens is going to take more time.

Some golf courses don't offer the services of a golf cart and you have no other option besides traveling by foot. However, for the golf courses that do facilitate its members with golf carts, we'd suggest you avail the facility since it is less time-consuming.

On average, if you decide to walk it is going to take almost 15 to 20 minutes extra to complete the golf course.

The Skills of a Player

As we have already mentioned above, beginners require more time to complete a 9-hole golf course. This is because amateurs usually end up needing more shots to complete a hole as compared to the professionals. So naturally, it leads them to spend more time on every hole and thus they require overall more time to complete the round.

While on the other hand, professional players have more experience so they are capable of completing a hole in the minimum number of shots. Thus, it takes them less time to play 9 holes of golf.

The Skills of a Player
The Skills of a Player

Traffic on the Golf Course

It takes more time to complete a round of golf if there are many people on the golf course. The timing of 2 hours and 15 minutes was given considering an empty course. However, in real life, you are not always that lucky.

If the golf course is packed, you may end up waiting 10 to 15 minutes to play a single hole. And if that's the case, mentally prepare yourself for spending approximately an hour extra to complete a 9-hole round of golf.

Traffic on the Golf Course
Traffic on the Golf Course

The Weather Conditions

Weather also plays a part in how long it takes for you to complete a round of golf. On a rainy or windy day, you can expect to spend more time on the course because playing under these conditions is more challenging.

The Type of Game

The type of play you decide to go with also determines how long it is going to take for you to complete the round. There are many types of play in golf and we are not going to discuss them all.

However, stroke play takes the longest time to complete since the players need to complete all holes to end up having a valid score. On the other hand, the quickest play is the foursomes gold. Here, each partner plays alternative shots so they are able to complete the round in a short amount of time.

Obstacles on the Golf Course

The presence of obstacles causes hindrance in the games. Examples of obstacles include water hazards, bushes, rocks, or bunkers. If your golf course has a lot of these obstacles, naturally, you will have a slower pace of play. As it is going to be difficult to make the perfect shot, you will require more overall time to complete the golf round.

Obstacles on the Golf Course
Obstacles on the Golf Course
The presence of obstacles causes hindrance in the games
The presence of obstacles causes hindrance in the games

Summary of The Time It Takes to Play 9 Holes of Golf

Golf is a popular sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It is a great way to get exercise, spend time outdoors, and connect with friends or family. Golf can be played on different types of terrain and in many different weather conditions. Whether you are a beginner or experienced golfer, there are courses available for you to enjoy. Golf is a great way to spend time outdoors and connect with friends or family. If you are interested in learning more about golf, please visit our website or contact us today. We would be happy to answer any of your questions!

There Are Many Different Types of Golf Courses, Each With Their Own Unique Challenges

There are many different types of golf courses, each with their own unique challenges. Some golf courses have lots of trees and water hazards, while others are more open and forgiving. No matter what type of course you're playing on, it's important to know how to play the game well. Here are some tips for improving your golf game:

  • Practice your swing in a safe and comfortable environment
  • Focus on your technique, and make sure you're swinging the club correctly
  • Stay relaxed and take deep breaths to calm yourself down
  • Make a plan for each shot, and don't try to do too much at once

By following these tips, you'll be able to improve your golf game and play better on any type of course. Good luck!

The Average Person Takes About 2 Hours to Play 9 Holes of Golf

This is a pretty accurate estimation, give or take a few minutes. Of course, this all depends on the person's skill level and how fast they move around the golf course. Some people can play in under two hours, while others may take closer to three. But on average, most people will finish a round of golf in just about two hours.

There are a few things that can affect how long it takes to play golf. For one, the course layout will make a difference. If there are a lot of obstacles and tight fairways, it will take longer to play than on a course with more open spaces. The condition of the course also makes a difference - if it's wet and muddy, it will take longer to walk than on a dry day. And finally, the player's skill level comes into play - someone who is just starting out will take longer to play than someone who has been playing for years. But in general, if you're looking to estimate how long your round of golf will take, just multiply by two and you'll be in the ballpark. Have a great time on the golf course!

Regardless How Long to Play 9 Holes of Golf, Playing Golf in a Group Can Be More Fun and Social

Playing golf with friends can make the game more enjoyable. Even if you don't have time to play a full 18 holes, nine holes is still a good way to spend some time outdoors and get in a little exercise. Golfing in a group also gives you an opportunity to socialize and catch up with your friends. If you're new to the game, playing with others can help you learn faster. And if you're a seasoned golfer, playing with friends can make the game more challenging and fun. So grab your clubs and head to the golf course for some fun-filled competition with friends.


These were the most basic factors that can have an impact on your pace of play. It is normally believed that if a player has a slower pace of play, he needs to work on his skills. However, now that you have learned about many other elements that help determine the time taken to complete a 9-hole round of golf, you know better than that.

Before assuming the worst about your golf game, relate to all the other factors as well. Chances are there is nothing wrong with your skills, you just happen to be playing on a difficult golf course!

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