What Hand Do You Wear a Golf Glove On?

by Bill Winters

Golfers play to a varying degree, some play it for a living such as those who win tournaments and others play it as a hobby. Some also play it to teach others and this list goes on. Golf requires very much input especially by those who want to excel in it make the best out of their game, for the rest it may be a piece of cake. So if a player wants to excel in it, then he must know it requires effort and a person has to be vigilant about each and every small detail that can make a difference in his game.

What Hand Do You Wear a Golf Glove On?
What Hand Do You Wear a Golf Glove On?

Concerned with the equipments of golf, some main equipment is a club, putter, iron; a golf ball etc. but is that all required to play a game of golf? Think before you answer. Hinting you, it is something which a lay man in terms of golf would consider the least important while preparing his golf kit. Well, you guessed it right, it is a GOLF GLOVE! Surprisingly, a golf glove is as important as anything else in golf. It DOES make a difference in your game.

What Hand Do You Wear a Golf Glove On?
What Hand Do You Wear a Golf Glove On?

For those players playing golf as a hobby or for entertainment purposes rather that those professionally playing it, golf glove does not matter and they can be quite comfortable without it. On the other hand, professional players keep in mind all the small details that can interfere with their strikes so even a glove can make a difference to them.

Glove Varieties

Golf gloves come in many varieties of material. Mainly, they are made of leather but types of leather can vary for example, cabretta leather, sheep skin etc. Many types of leather can be used to manufacture golf gloves but cow leather is avoided. Leather is used because it causes minimum allergic reactions to skin and is one of the most breathable materials and does less damage to skin upon wearing it for a long time.

Glove Varieties
Glove Varieties

Golf gloves come in various shapes and cuts. Some are padded and some are non-padded. Some gloves are medicated, especially for players who suffer from arthritis.

Which Hand Should Be Gloved?

As per convenience, a right hand golfer prefers to wear a glove on his left hand and a left hand player wears it on his right hand. This is convenient for the player and logically is also correct so if you are confused about your glove you should always follow this rule.

Which Hand Should Be Gloved?
Which Hand Should Be Gloved?

As a rule, it must have some logically strong reason that why should a player wear a glove on his non-dominant hand. It has been observed that wearing a glove on the weaker hand does help in playing a better shot. This is so because the lead hand, which is the dominant hand, should have sufficient grip of the club handle. The player must be able to feel the club and have enough grips to get a perfect strike. Also, a glove provides more pressure on impact than the player actually exerts so if he wears it on the lead hand, extra pressure may cause distortion of the shot. A good grip saves the player from cupping and arching of his wrist. So for this reason, the golfer wears the glove on the non dominant hand placing it above the lead hand.

However, this is not a hard and fast rule and you can do what is more convenient for you as per your own choice but it would be better if you follow this sequence.

What Help Does a Glove Provide?

A glove may be helpful in the following ways in golf:

  • It cushions the hand against excessive pressure during impact. Also, when the player hits the ball with a high force, the club tends to vibrate which gives the hand internal stresses.
  • It prevents blisters on the skin as it is a breathable material, non gloved golfers actually do develop blisters.
  • They can improve grip in cases when hands of the player are slippery.
  • Gloves can also provide extra pressure and force when required.
  • They prevent calluses on the skin which form when the player puts in too much force to hit a swing.
  • It helps in preventing the twist or cupping of the golfer's hand.
  • Moisture absorption is a quality of bionic gloves. They tend to absorb internal moisture and externally provide the optimum grip.
  • Slices and hooks are two errors or shortcomings of golfer's game. They can somehow be minimized by wearing a glove.

Problems in Buying a Golf Glove:

For right handed players, it is very easy to find a left hand golf glove in the right size and the right material. You can find it anywhere in a nearby sports shop or in a mall or online, it is available widely everywhere.

The problem arises for a left hand person. Most manufacturers consider manufacturing gloves for a single hand (usually the left hand) as it is suspected to give them a greater profit because many people buy only a single glove for their left hands. For those who want to wear a glove on their right hand, it may be difficult to get a desired one as variety is less and they get to choose from a few items. Occasionally sizes are not available. You may not be able to find a good glove nearby and you may have to search for it. The player may even end up buying a pair instead of a single right hand glove because many shopkeepers do not prefer selling a single right hand glove.

Online glove buying may seem attractive and you can save your energy and time with it but always consider buying gloves in a store, the reason being that you can check the size of the glove and feel the material and quality. In this way you can buy your desired glove without ending up in despair when you get an undesired product from an online store.

Problems in Buying a Golf Glove:
Problems in Buying a Golf Glove:

Tips To Buy the Perfect Glove

To buy your desired glove, check out on the following tips:

o Consider your ideal size. Make sure the glove is neither too tight nor too loose. Some manufacturers manufacture gloves in many shapes, so if a particular shape does not fit you right, look for another cut shape.

Tips To Buy the Perfect Glove
Tips To Buy the Perfect Glove

o Keep in mind your requirements. If you want a soft glove, you may get one with padding. If you are more comfortable with a hard one, go for it.

o At the end, get the one which satisfies you to the best level. Do not look for the one in fashion, look for the one that suits you and gives you comfort while playing.

How To Make Your Gloves Last Longer:

Golf gloves are ideally made of leather. A leather product can wear out a little too early if proper care is not taken. To make your glove last longer, try some tricks you did not know before:

  • Keep it as dry as possible. It seems unrealistic to keep a glove dry when you are playing a sport and are sweating excessively but you can at least minimize moisture contact. Never use your leather golf glove to wipe off sweat from your face and forehead while in the game.
  • Use alternate gloves when playing so that the alternate one gets time to dry out itself.
  • When taking off the glove, rather than rolling it over your hand backwards, try pulling it with a single swift through your fingers. This will reduce daily damage to the glove.
  • Most golf gloves are non washable but bionic gloves can be washed. Take great care while washing them. Wash them gently and use very little detergent. Do not machine wash your gloves.
  • After washing, dry them out in the air and never use a machine drier. It can damage the gloves so much that you may never be able to wear your favorite gloves again to the golf club.
  • After washing and drying, to make them ready for your next golf game, apply a layer of leather conditioner as nutrition to your gloves.

Now you may be taking good care of your gloves but they are still to be replaced once they lose their ability to absorb ample moisture and perspiration from your skin or when they become uncomfortable for you.


1. What Are Golf Gloves Manufactured From?

Golf gloves are manufactured from leather. Many types of leather are used such as genuine leather, sheepskin, cabretta leather and many more. Cow leather is avoided. Leathered gloves are breathable that is why they are mostly used.

2. Which Material Is Best for Golf Glove?

Best material for golf gloves is leather. As different types of leather, consider premium leather cabretta gloves or bionic gloves as they reduce skin blisters and calluses and also provide sufficient moisture absorption.

3. Why Should You Glove Your Left Hand?

Left hand should be gloved because it is the weaker hand or the non lead hand and it will provide support to the lead hand. The lead hand is the dominant hand and it requires ample grip and feel of the club so that the player can exert desired pressure at impact. A gloved hand exerts extra pressure and force so you should not wear it on the lead hand which will be the right hand for right handed people.


All in all, a golfer should prefer wearing a glove in his non dominant hand or the weaker hand, resting it on the top of the ungloved lead hand for the best shot. The glove should be of the ideal size and shape and should have the capacity to absorb perspiring moisture from the player's skin. It should also be capable of providing sufficient grip to the player.

As a suggestion, use bionic leather gloves because they are washable and are breathable.

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