What is a Draw in Golf?

by Bill Winters

Everyone wants to hit shots the way professional golf players do. However, to hit such shots, it is important to know the basic techniques that make those shots possible. Yes, you might be able to pull off some of these skilled shots with luck, the consistency of pulling the shots off depends on your knowledge of the shot.

What is a Draw in Golf?
What is a Draw in Golf?

To answer all the questions you might have about this type of shot, this write-up will be about explaining everything you need to know about draws in a golf game. we will also discuss what draws can do to your game.

Without further ado, let's get right to it.

What is a Draw in Golf?

A draw in golf has a different definition depending on your strong hand. For instance, for a right-handed golf player, a draw occurs when the ball moves slightly from right to left in a precise manner due to the technique of the swing. In the same vein, the golf ball moves slightly from left to right for left-handed golfers.

A Fade refers to the flight of the golf ball that moves slightly from left to right for right-handed golfers. Typically, fades are often a lot easier to hit for casual golf players.

When a draw moves quickly from right to left, for a right-handed golf player, it is referred to as a hook. Now, a slice is the opposite of a hook.

If you have been paying attention, you will notice we have now mentioned four different types of shots that a player can make while trying to hit the golf ball. The interesting thing about this is that provided you do not hit the golf ball straight, you can always apply certain techniques that can help you hit a draw, fade, hook or slice. These type of shots essentially gives the ball a more controlled flight.

Now that you know what a draw is, let's discuss how you can set up properly to hit one.

How to hit a Draw using a Driver

How to hit a Draw using a Driver
How to hit a Draw using a Driver

There are a few things you need to consider when trying to produce consistent draw ball flight. One of them is the type of club you are using to hit the ball.

A driver has the least amount of loft and is typically very long. As a result, it is important to control the direction the clubface is pointing towards. Here are some important things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure the Clubface is closed and square: One of the things you need to ensure is that the clubface does not open too much while you are swinging the club. When the face is open, maneuvering the club becomes a lot more difficult.

An open clubface makes the sidespin a lot more prominent on impact. The implication of this is that the ball ends up curving too much which leads to a slice or hook.

As a result, to hit a draw, you need to ensure that the clubface is square at impact.

Also, remember to keep your grip flexible on the club. The positioning of your hand could undermine the shot. You need to ensure your top hand is at the top of the club and that your bottom hand is just underneath the top hand. Make sure there is a V formed by your thumbs and your forefingers. If the V shape is not pointing at your trail shoulder, you can make your grip more solid by rotating your hands in a clockwise manner if you are right-handed. (Anti-clockwise if you are left-handed).

How to hit a Draw using a Driver
How to hit a Draw using a Driver
  • Keep your clubface square while back swinging: Contrary to what you might think, your backswing is just as important as your normal swing. The backswing process starts when you hit the ball.

A good technique to practice is to try to feel the clubface motion as you hit the ball. Make sure you rotate the club with your arms and body. Avoid rotating only your hands to prevent overextending them. This ensures you achieve a straight swing without having to manipulate the direction of your clubface which is bound to occur when you rotate your hands. When at the top of your swing, avoid bending or cupping your wrist too much.

How to hit a Draw using a Driver
How to hit a Draw using a Driver
  • Rotate your hips: If you have ever seen professional golf players play the game, you will undoubtedly notice how they continuously rotate their hips and body while swinging.

When you use your hips correctly, you will feel the weight of your swing on your heels. Also, ensure you turn your hip away from the direction of the ball. Keeping your spine angle steady and your posture the same will also go a long way to help.

The importance of using your hips while making a swing is that it gives you more room to generate power with your arms. It also ensures you have ample room to swing through so that you can return to your natural position ready to hit the ball.

How to hit a Draw using a Driver
How to hit a Draw using a Driver
  • Inside-to-out Swing: As we already discussed, a draw occurs when you swing the golf club in an inside-to-out manner.

So, assuming your clubface is square and properly rotated, you should be able to drop the club in the right path for the club to attack the "inside" area. A good rule of thumb is to imagine hitting the golf ball at an angle the hour hand of the clock makes at 4 pm.

At this angle, and with the right technique, you should be able to create the right club path to pull off a proper spin shot that is referred to as a draw.

  • Finish Strong and stay connected: One common mistake people make is forgetting that the follow-through matters when hitting a draw. Decelerating before hitting the ball increases the possibility of the clubface being altered before impact. This will in turn affect the ball path. Hence, it is important to complete the swinging motion in one clean arc without slowing down.

Also, ensure to keep your body and your arms in sync while swinging. Most casual golf players only use their arms and hands while delivering their club to strike the ball. The implication is that there is less power when the club makes contact with the ball. The accuracy of your shot is also greatly reduced.

How to hit a Draw using a Driver
How to hit a Draw using a Driver

How to Hit a Draw using Irons

Hitting a draw with drivers is not the only way you can pull this shot off. Another way to hit a draw is by using your iron club. Interestingly, most of the steps to follow as discussed above for hitting a draw with a driver works for an iron. That said here are some important things to keep in mind:

- Swing Path is important: The main reason for this is because irons are a lot shorter than a driver in terms of length. As a result, you can easily control them since the swing distance is short and they require less timing to deliver effective draws. Hence, focusing on the path your body takes while swinging the club is important. Since the swing required to pull off a draw can easily be achieved while rotating your body forward, ensure you rotate your body through your hip before pulling the swing.

- Rotating is important:Rotating while trying to hit the golf ball is one of the easiest ways to maintain balance while swinging. This is a lot more important when using the iron club since it is a lot shorter than the driver club. Iron clubs also tend to be heavier than driver clubs which makes rotating with them very easy.

- Avoid flipping your hands: Lastly, make sure you do not flip your hand while hitting the ball. This often leads to rotation of the face of the club which in turn causes you to hit a hook instead of a draw.


What Causes a Draw In Golf?

A draw in golf occurs when a right-handed golf player hits a shot in which the ball launches to the right of the player's target and then curves back to the left due to its negative spin axis. The curving path the ball takes is only slight.

NOTE: The reverse is the case for a left-handed golfer.

Is a Draw Good in Golf?

A draw is a shot a lot of professionals tend to use because it gives them a lot more control over the final direction of the ball during flight. However, pulling one off comes down to how technical the golfer is.

Why Is a Draw Better Than a Fade?

A draw is considered better than a fade because it travels longer due to its lower spin rate and loft. Most players learn how to hit a draw before learning how to pull off a fade shot.


Although we can go on and on about the dos and don'ts of hitting a draw. The truth is that the best way to build consistency with hitting controlled ball shots like a draw is by practicing! This will help improve your balance and rotation technique which in turn, builds your confidence and accuracy to hit consistent draws.

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