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Those who have not yet tried the sport just can’t imagine what is driving these golfers to brave the sun’s heat and go around a course bigger than several football fields combined. It seems like an awful lot of work considering that the ball is quite small that is must be hard to hit, the ground of the course is not flat and, most annoying of all, there are sand traps lying around seemingly bent on preventing a player from finishing the course.

On the contrary, any golfer will tell you that golf is the greatest game there is. It’s probably the only game that a player’s biggest challenge is himself. It reflects this struggle this called life, the struggle to bring out the best within each and every one of us, a beautiful process that can only happen when facing seemingly insurmountable adversities which, in the game, is represented by the unevenly sloped trap-filled golf course.

Bill Winters

It is this passion that has spawned the creation of BC Golf News. Golfers of all ages or experience levels are all welcome here. It is our greatest wish that this site may be helpful to any visitor in their journey in golf.

You can find tons of content useful for golfers on this site (like my review of the best golf clubs). There are buying guides specifically created for various player classes such as buying guides for beginner-level players, junior players as well as guides for senior golfers. Given the mind-boggling number of choices available in the market, these guides are aimed to narrow down the options making it easier for golfers to make their choice.

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At the moment, there are a few basic how-to guides for beginner level players. In the future, we plan to come up with guides from experts that will be helpful even for experienced golfers.

Lastly, it is our wish here at BcGolfNews.com to connect like-minded players so that can share tips with each other. You can think of the site as the online meeting place for all golf enthusiasts and the entire golfing community. Stay tuned for more updates on this.

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The game of golf may seem like an awful lot to take on when one considers that the ball is quite small, must be hard to hit and carry through windy conditions with little chance for error. The ground course has hillsides which make it challenging enough without adding sand traps who seem bent on preventing players from completing their round!

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