How To Hit A Hybrid Golf Club Like A Pro

by Bill Winters

The hybrid golf club is a relatively recent introduction compared to traditional irons and woods. However, you’ll find that virtually all golfers use at least one hybrid club these days. This widespread popularity within golfing circles could only mean one thing – their advantages have already been proven by countless golfers.

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Why You Need A Hybrid In Your Set

Why You Need A Hybrid In Your Set
Why You Need A Hybrid In Your Set

These days, people find that most golfers have at least a single hybrid in their set of clubs. They are extremely easy to hit, forgiving and very versatile – there simply is no reason why you shouldn’t include them in your set as well.

Long Irons replacements

Long irons are considered as some of the toughest clubs to handle. Which is why most golfers are happy that hybrid clubs where invented – hitting hybrids is definitely easier than hitting 2-3-4 irons. Hybrids come in 18, 22 or 24-degree loft options so they can replace long irons. They are must-have for amateurs – there is no need to mess up shots by sticking to traditional irons when versatile hybrids are around.

Fairway Woods replacement

Beginner level golfers usually have a hard time controlling fairway wood shots due to their heavier heads, longer shafts and wider soles. Fortunately, the introduction of easy-to-hit hybrids has made golf more enjoyable for amateurs by eliminating some of those issues. Lighter, shorter and way much easier to hit, hybrids have been used as replacements for 4,5 and 7 woods.

Extra Forgiving

Known for their extra forgiveness, hitting hybrids is a lot less stressful than other clubs. With their larger sweet spot and shorter shaft which allows for greater control, these clubs will give you the confidence to handle any tight spot the golf course may throw at you.

How To Hit a Hybrid Golf Club

Hybrids are very versatile clubs with extra forgiveness which makes them ideal for golfers new to the sport. But even seasoned players will have to undergo a period of adjustment especially if it is their first time hitting hybrids. Here are some tips from professional golfers.

How To Hit A Hybrid
How To Hit A Hybrid

Standard Hybrid Shot

  • One common error that a lot of golfers make when hitting hybrids is swinging them like they would a wood shot. While a hybrid club might look like a fairway wood, you need to play it like an iron, which shouldn’t be that hard to do since an iron’s shaft length is only slightly shorter than its corresponding hybrid.
  • To make a standard hybrid shot, you need to adjust your stance and keep your weight at the center. Your hips, feet, and shoulders should be square to the target and your hands in line with the ball. Remember not to use a sweeping motion like you would in a fairway wood. Instead, used a descending strike when hitting the ball like you would when using a 5-iron club.
  • You can focus on moving your right side as you strike through the ball, finishing the swing high with your weight eventually shifting to your left leg.

Low Hybrid Draw

  • You might encounter a situation which requires you to try to create a lower ball flight where the flight path is curving to the left. This is what is called a draw or draw shot in golf.
  • The direction of the curve in draw shots is dependent on your dominant hand. If you are right-handed,  a draw shot means that the ball’s flight path curves to the left. Conversely, a draw for left-handed golfers means that the ball curves to the right.
  • To execute a draw shot using a hybrid club for right-handed golfers, you can still aim your clubface toward the target but you should adopt a closed stance, that is, your hips, shoulders, and feet should point to the right of the target line.
  • Conversely, you can still use your normal stance but at address, you must have a closed clubface. This means that for right handed golfers, the clubface must be slightly pointing toward the left of your target line. Of course, it will take a lot of experimentation to see which works best for you.

High Hybrid Fade

  • You might think of a fade shot as the opposite of a draw. While a draw shot curves the ball from right to left (for right-handed players), a fade is opposite of that effect as it curves the ball’s path from left to right. Of course, the direction of curvature for left-handed golfers is from right to left.
  • To execute a fade shot using a hybrid club, you can just aim your clubface to where you want the ball to land and use your normal swing but your body must be pointing to the left of the target line. As you swing through the ball, keep your right arm from turning over your left and the try to keep the clubface open. 
  • Of course, pro golfers have their individual tricks on how to hit a hybrid club to achieve a fade shot. The important thing is to try them out for yourself and see if they work for you. However, you have to always remember that practice is very important to perfect a particular shot – these professional golfers also spent hundreds of hours to hone their skills. Don’t get too discouraged if it does not work after a few tries.

Extra Tips On Hitting Hybrids

How To Hit Hybrids
How To Hit Hybrids

Narrow your stance.

When you narrow your stance, you’ll find it easier unleash a descending blow. A narrower stance also reduces the chances of fat and thin shots. As such, you need to keep your feet lined up to your armpits.

Don’t set the ball too far.

When you place the ball far too forward, it will be difficult for you to hit it, which could ruin your swing. The correct ball placement should be like this - with the toe of your hybrid resting against your left heel and the face pointing toward your body, the ball just be set opposite to the club’s hosel.

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