Essential Tips for Betting on Golf

by Bill Winters

Golf has gained prominence among wager fanatics over the years. With several bookmakers setting up more websites to accommodate the ever-growing crowd of gamblers, players need to find out a little more about golfing before putting their money on the line. Read all about golf in the guides here. If you are looking to walk this path, here are some of the best tips you can incorporate into your gambling.

Choose the right bookmaker

Choose the right bookmaker
Choose the right bookmaker

The perfect bookmaker needs to offer the best rates in town and an extra place. Sometimes, the bookmaker will have you choose between one of the two. In such cases, opt for the variable that will bring more returns. Choose one with the best odds, great unhinging bonuses, and live streaming for e-sports.

Take into consideration other aspects such as the reputability of the website. You do not want to continually invest your funds on a site that has you on a losing spiral. To avoid this, ensure that your selected bookmaker has valid licenses from reputable permit institutions.

One more thing that you should consider is the golf betting markets. Ensure that a sportsbook dedicatedly offers the latest golf odds. Also, compare the rates between the available bookmakers to see which ones offer the best. Guide websites such as offer the latest information about sportsbooks and their latest offers, which will make your betting easier and enjoyable.

Get in-depth information about a player

It is more sensible to bet on a golfer that has had winning streaks for the last five games or more than staking on one who has had a rough season. Your player should have greens in regulations (GIR) hits if they are to win you any money.

Inexperienced players struggling to win trophies during any tour are a no-go zone since they would have you crossing your fingers, hoping they will win if you bet on them.

Learn more about betting values

When a bet does not have any value, using your money on it won't bring back any considerable returns. But how do you determine if the bet is valuable? Multiply your decimal odds to your probability assessments and subtract one from your findings.

So, if a player's probability of winning is 20% and your betting odds are at 7.0, what would the value look like?

Value = (7.0*0.20)-1

Value = (1.4)-1

Value = 0.4

As long as you get a value higher than 0, you can place your bet on the player.

Soak up on the hottest betting odds

Finding the best betting odds depends on the bookmaker you choose, but the tournament also determines if you receive lucrative wagering odds. Betting on the golf majors gives you higher odds since the best players grace these tournaments.

The Masters, the US Open, the Open, and USPGA Championship are some of the top ones that you can bet on for a chance to enjoy lucrative odds.

While most people prefer to check out the odds a few days before the tournament, it would make more sense to familiarise yourself with them a month earlier so that you have time to study your favourite golfer ahead of the D-day.

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Those who have not yet tried the sport just can’t imagine what is driving these golfers to brave the sun’s heat and go around a course bigger than several football fields combined. It seems like an awful lot of work considering that the ball is quite small that is must be hard to hit, the ground of the course is not flat and, most annoying of all, there are sand traps lying around seemingly bent on preventing a player from finishing the course.

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The game of golf may seem like an awful lot to take on when one considers that the ball is quite small, must be hard to hit and carry through windy conditions with little chance for error. The ground course has hillsides which make it challenging enough without adding sand traps who seem bent on preventing players from completing their round!

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