The Ultimate Guide to a Proper Golf Stance

Everyone has their own unique golf stance. Just exactly how you stand while addressing the ball can have a huge effect on your game – from the subtle spacing between your feet to the perfect bend of your knees. A good swing can’t happen without the right setup. But there are so many different setup components […]

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What Is A Golf Handicap, And How To Calculate Yours

The golfing community is laced with jargon and vernacular unique to the sport. From fore to the sweet spot, any new golfer will spend some time learning not only the rules, but the language. Part of that language includes understanding how a handicap works. Golf handicaps have been around for a pretty long time – even […]

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How To Aim in Golf

Trying to hit a small ball with a club into a cup in the ground hundreds of yards away is arguably one of the most difficult sports out there. Without technique and practice, you would be out on the course all day. This target-oriented sport requires players to find spots on the fairway to position the […]

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The Golf Wedge Buyers Guide

New to golf or just not sure exactly what golf wedges are? They’re short irons with a lot of loft. They are not meant for distance shots, but golfers can use them to hit high shots so that the ball lands on the greens. Here are three characteristics of wedges that you’ll want to familiarize […]

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Golf Swing Follow Through Technique

After decades of playing golf, I’ve grown to appreciate the sport as an art. And just like with any art, mastering technique is key to success. One of the biggest rookie mistakes new golfers make is focusing just on the backswing, and ignoring what happens in their follow through. This is quite a shame because analyzing […]

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How to Clean Golf Clubs

After spending a long day at your local course hitting balls on the range, followed by playing a round, most golf clubs will have gathered quite a bit of dirt on them.  If you’re like me, there will be those rounds when you will most likely have taken out a few divots on the fairway […]

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how to hit a hybrid golf club

How To Hit A Hybrid Golf Club Like A Pro

The hybrid golf club is a relatively recent introduction compared to traditional irons and woods. However, you’ll find that virtually all golfers use at least one hybrid club these days. This widespread popularity within golfing circles could only mean one thing – their advantages have already been proven by countless golfers. One of my favorite hybrid […]

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golf posture

Correct Your Golf Posture, Improve Your Score

I bet that there are days when you feel uncomfortable while hitting the ball, and you struggle swinging your club. Sometimes causing you to fail getting the ball in the hole.Chances are,  you’re not using the proper posture! Good news is, you’re not alone. Many golfers, beginners and experienced players, have the same struggle. I did, too.But […]

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what is senior flex

What Flex is Right For Your Golf Clubs?

Every seasoned golfer knows that choosing the right kind of golf equipment is very important if you want to unleash your best performance on the course. Unfortunately, one minor detail that some golfers fail to take into consideration when purchasing their golf equipment is shaft flexibility.What’s A Club’s Flex & How It Affects Your GameSimply […]

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golf tips for seniors

Seniors: Improve Your Golf Swing With These Tips

I’ve been playing golf for quite some time and have met a lot of people on the golf course. Some are young, some are middle-aged, and others are seniors like me (soon enough). And mind you, the older players are sometimes better than the younger ones even if they started playing late in their lives.How […]

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